Strategic Roadmap for Crypto

STORK Cryptography Workshop:

Towards a Roadmap for Future Research

November 26-27, 2002
Golden Tulip Hotel de'Medici, Bruges, BELGIUM


Tuesday 26 November 2002

9h00-10h00: Introduction

  • Bart Preneel (K.U.Leuven), Introduction and STORK overview (10’) (paper, slides)
  • Aniyan Varghese (STORK Project Officer), The 6th Framework Programme (25’) (slides)
  • Bart Preneel (K.U.Leuven), NESSIE overview (25’) (paper, slides)

10h00-10h30: Electronic signatures [chair: Bart Preneel]

  • Lars Dietze (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster), Regulation on digital signatures (15’) (position paper, slides)
  • Fabrice Scemama (SISGEM), Smart IS Accompanying Measure NAME-ES (15’) (slides)

10h30-11h00: coffee break

11h00-12h00: Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography [chair: Mats Näslund]

  • Louis Salvail (BRICS, invited), Quantum computing and quantum cryptography (45’) (slides)
  • Discussion (15’)

12h00-12h15: Smart cards [chair: Peter Roelse]

  • Jean-Jacques Quisquater (UCL), RESET: smart cards and cryptography (15’)

12h15-13h45: lunch

13h45-16h00: Public-Key Cryptography [chair: Jacques Stern]

  • Gerhard Frey (University of Essen, invited), The future of the discrete logarithm problem (45') (slides)
  • Panel on alternative Public Key Algorithms (1h30’) (slides)

16h00-16h30: coffee break

16h30-17h30: Symmetric Cryptography [chair: Steve Babbage]

19h30: Dinner at De Brugse Hanze, Steenstraat 96, Brugge. Assembly at 19:00 in the lobby of the workshop hotel de'Medici.


Wednesday 27 November 2002

9h00-10h00: Foundations [chair: Louis Granboulan]

  • Moti Yung (Columbia University, invited), Issues in Public Key Cryptography (45’)
  • Sean Murphy (Royal Holloway University of London), On foundations of cryptology (15’) (position paper, slides)

10h00-11h30: Applications and Implementations [chair: Helena Handschuh]

  • Pim Tuyls (Philips), Secure Content Management - More than Encryption (15’) (position paper, slides)
  • Michael Ward (MasterCard Europe), MasterCard and Cryptographic Research (15’) (position paper, slides)

10h30-11h00: coffee break

  • Chris Mitchell, Kenneth Paterson, Vaia Sdralia (Royal Holloway University of London), Future cryptographic requirements from mobile applications (15’) (position paper, slides)
  • Christof Paar (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), The future of the art of cryptographic implementations (15’) (position paper, slides)

11h30-12h15: Protocols [chair: Christof Paar]

  • Christian Cachin (IBM Research), Future research directions in cryptology (10’) (position paper)
  • Carles Padro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Some trends for future research in distributed cryptography (10’) (position paper, slides)
  • Brian Monahan (HP Labs), Can we still avoid Protocol Security meltdown? (10’) (position paper, slides)
  • Discussion (15’)

12h15-12h30: Concluding remarks

12h30-14h00: lunch

Position papers without presentation